Sunday, October 6, 2019

Student action plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Student action plan - Essay Example d kind of living that is dedicated towards a reduction on the use and exploitation of the natural resources as well as personal resources in order to save them (Fiksel 5330). There are many importances of sustainability and to an individual and the community; it guarantees a clean and healthy environment. One of the goals of sustainability is reduction of pollution by using recyclable resources so that they can be absorbed back into nature. When inorganic materials are used especially in industries, the by-products from manufacturing accumulate in rivers, soils and air. Accumulation of these materials that are not biodegradable leads to pollution of the environment which causes health problems. On a large scale, sustainability is important to a nation in terms of production and feeding its population in that it enables governments to continue sustaining its citizens. In the long run, future generations will be able to access these same natural resources which have been recycled (5331). My educational and professional goals revolve around understanding the basic principles of environmental sustainability which is important for life sustenance on earth. In this regards, the ecosystem knowledge learned in this class is important for application in my environmental career in future. Take for instance the design and successful implementation of sustainable systems is predicated upon the knowledge on how ecosystems work for continuity purposes. It would be my pleasure to study the nature in future so that I can fully understand how it responds to changes of anthropological impacts within it (Fiksel 5333). Minimization of anthropological impacts on the natural ecosystem and organisms living within it entails living a sustainable lifestyle. A sustainable lifestyle advocates for a conservative approach to the use of natural and personal resources. By living such a lifestyle, the self ceases to be important and much attention is given to our surroundings in terms of both

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