Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Bullfighting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Bullfighting - Essay Example After that the local public took it as a sport and since they could not afford it, they started bullfighting on bulls and the tradition still continues. Bullfights or corrida takes place in the presence of the president and the local audience in Spain. First of all the paseillo happens in which all the participants of the bullfight introduce themselves. Two participants called alguacilillos enter the ring and ask for keys to the gate behind which are the bulls. The doors are called puerta de los toriles. When the bulls come out the main show starts. The bullfights takes place in three parts called tercios. In the first part, the bull's ability to move his head is hampered by lances used by two picadors who are riding on blindfolded horses. In the second part, three people called banderilleros make the bull chase them around and use sharp colored sticks called banderillas and stab it in the body of the bull, specifically his back. Finally the third and the last part includes the killing of the bull by the matador. In my view, this is a very cruel sport and a symbol of inhuman behavior. Usually in this sport, the bulls are made weak by putting sand bags in their backs. They are also made weak by drugging the animal or to cut the horn of the bull which hamper coordination. Sometimes the weak and placid bulls are selected for the fight so that the win is easy. The game is not only cruel for the bull, but there are other victims as well.

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