Friday, October 18, 2019

Core Competencies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Core Competencies - Essay Example Besides the involvement of the health care professionals and the patient, the strategy may extend to the close family members to secure benefits to the ailing individuals. Several adjustments take place in the nursing profession to aid the success of the patient-centered care. Dissemination of information to the patients forms the primary strategy that aims to improve the patient-centered care. Educating the patient and the family members about a particular ailment is vital in improving care; an informed patient is in a position to make sound decisions about the treatment regimen they prefer (Constand, McDermind, Bello-Haas & Law, 2015). Availing information to the patient takes place through printed and electronic media and help in the participation of the patients in the management of their conditions. The current second trend that enhances the patient-centered care is participation and collaboration. The medical professionals accord the patients the opportunity to give their views on the preferred treatment regimen for a given conditions (Ronedo & Marston, 2015). The involvement of the patients gives the medical professionals the opportunity to have an understanding of the requirements for each patient. The patients have the chance to weigh in on their conditions and the treatment intervention they need. Mutual decision-making characteristic of patient-centered care is on the rise due to its confirmed benefits. It enhances the relationship between the nurses and the patient that translates to improved care. Another strategy tailored at improving patient-centered care is proper communication. Practicing nurses have the obligation of ensuring that the medium used for communication with the patients provide  affectivity and clarity (Constand et al., 2015). The type of communication addresses the needs and preferences of the patients. In some instances, where cases of language barriers exist, a translator may

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