Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Marketing and Operations Management in Philips Electronics Assignment

Marketing and Operations Management in Philips Electronics - Assignment Example Operations Management Part 14 Critical Evaluation of the Operations Management Strategy of Phillips 15 Operations Management Performance Objectives 15 Order Qualifiers and Order Winners of Philips 17 Contribution Made By Operations Management 18 Recommendations/Solutions to the Company 19 References 20 Overview of the Company Royal Philips Electronics is a Dutch multinational company with its main branch in Amsterdam. The three main divisions of the company are Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Philips Healthcare and Philips Lighting. According to the statistics obtained in the 2012, it can be mentioned that Philips is one of the biggest producers of electronic products in the globe (Philips, 2012). The paper is divided into two parts. They are marketing activities of Philips and operations management of Philips. The marketing part of the paper attempts to identify the external environment of Philips and to evaluate the marketing strategy followed by the company. The study further endeavours to analyse various marketing tools used for the marketing of the products of Philips. The paper thus offers suggestions to the company regarding ways through which it can improve marketing activities. Furthermore, the operations management part of the study tries to critically evaluate the operations management strategy of Philips. It attempts to analyse the operations management performance objectives. ... The main political factors impacting the activity of the organisation are employment laws, policy stability, tax policy and environmental regulations. It can be stated that in most of the countries of European Union there has been major alterations in the employment law. It is noted that most of the countries are quite concerned with the environment and are making an attempt to reduce pollution. In such cases, Philips, being a large producer of electronic products, might need to focus largely upon providing environmentally friendly consumer goods to maintain its sustainability (Export Gov, 2012). The United Kingdom is the seventh major economy in the world and the third biggest economy in the European Union. With quite a few trade obstacles, the United Kingdom is the entry market into the European Union for nearly 41000 US exporters. This proves to be quite beneficial for Philips (Export Gov, 2012). The social and the cultural impact on business alter from one country to the other co untry and from one region to the other region. Philips has its operations in numerous countries and it is because of this reason that the company needs to operate in vast and diverse socio-cultural arenas with workforce belonging to varied cultures. It is quite significant for Philips to adjust themselves with these alterations in terms of customer expectations from region to region and be capable of catering to their needs and requirements. Most of the people belonging to the developed nations pay due attention towards the culture of a company. Philips can be considered as an ethical company who pays due consideration towards the needs and the wants of the customers (Export Gov, 2012). Philips is quite dependent upon the constantly altering technological up-gradations that are

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