Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Develop an Export Strategy for an Organisation Essay

Develop an Export Strategy for an Organisation - Essay Example These processing industries need huge supplies of cocoa, a factor that makes an opportunity for developing countries to explore the market. Consequently, with Ghana being among the leading world producers of Cocoa beans, this marks an opportunity for the exploration of international markets by local companies (Pinnamang & Armah, 2011, p 34). The Cocoa Marketing Company limited in Ghana is among the leading dealers in cocoa. Thus, the factor of discussion remains to establish international ties between the companies in the Netherlands and CMC to facilitate export of Cocoa to Netherlands. The international trade options of the company include venturing into the market through either direct or indirect exporting strategies. In an analysis of the temperament of the market in the Netherlands, in this case CMC should adopt the direct export strategy to allow it to engage the international market extensively. The Netherlands is a member of several trade organizations and it incorporates several free trade and movement regulations for exporters and importers, a factor that liberates the markets (Country Intelligence Report Netherlands, 2014, p 11). Therefore, with Ghana being a developing country CMC will benefit accordingly in engaging the market directly. The company should lay strategy on the contacts to establish and leading figures and offices in the Netherlands to ensure they engage the market extensively and reap the trade benefits in a leading world market. Food processing is a leading industry in Netherlands. The foods that Netherlands processes originate from within and imported products. These industries incorporate the leading industries of processors of cocoa beans to produce various products. There are leading companies within the country, such including Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate company among others (Parker, 2010, p 17). Moreover, the country processes the Cocoa into powder among other products, creating a

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