Friday, November 1, 2019

Labor relations-An Anti nepotism Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Labor relations-An Anti nepotism Policy - Essay Example Management is the most sensitive area in regard to nepotism. Budd (2010) argues that managers should strike a balance by not supervising their relatives, employing them in the same department or try to use their influence to employ them so as to have great output. Anti- nepotism policy favors unions in protecting their members. They ensure that all their members are given equal opportunity in job application. Finlay (2011) supports this part of the policy as a motivation tool. The policy also ensures fairness in work as it prohibits workers to be supervised by close relatives. Workers are also protected from loss of job if companies enforce anti- nepotism policies but were employed before they are implemented. Management is also favored by the anti- nepotism policies. The policy does not prohibit your relatives from working in the same company as long are not working in the same department and they were employed on merit. Managements are allowed to make independent policies as long as they are in good faith as argued by Rose (2008). Family businesses are exempted from these policies if members of the family volunteer services. Unions have a right to ask the adaptation of anti- nepotism policies by any organization their members are working. Lawrence (2005) argued, in order to reduce some of white collar crimes organization should not employ close relatives or supervise them. Managements are bound to follow anti- nepotism policies. They are obligated to create anti- nepotism rules that are favorable. In order to avoid conflict between unions and management, the management should include the union and legal experts when drafting their anti- nepotism policy. Budd (2004) proposed that the management should also clearly define the term relative in the policy to balance equality. Since anti- nepotism policies are different in each state, entrepreneurs should consider the implication of marriage as it is regarded as

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