Sunday, November 3, 2019

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies Essay - 9

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies - Essay Example ith products such as beverages and food and later the company diversified into various sector of electronics, clothing, financial services, retailing, etc. The company performs all its operations on the basis of one specific value that is to deliver its customers with good, better and best products. The success of the company is only because of its business and corporate level strategies. Tesco’s main business comes from its retailing segment that accounts for approximately 60% of the total profit that is generated by the business. The business level strategy is a plan that is adopted by a company so as to utilize its resources in order to achieve its business goals. The company has even invested  £1 billion so that it could provide a very pleasant shopping experience to all its customers who visit Tesco stores. The company has even subdivided its business level strategy into seven parts so that it can achieve its business goals and even provide their customers with high valued service. This business level strategy that was formulated was mainly to ensure that the company sets plans for its long term growth and profitability. The first part of the strategy is to grow in the UK market (Desjardins, 2005). The company wants to grow the core market of UK. The business tactics that were designed to support this strategy was to expand the staff base by 20,000 in t he next two years, implement new promotions for its products and services, and even to restructure all its store designs. This strategy was mainly adopted to give customers more importance and wanted. The second part of the strategy to be the creator of all famous and high value brands in the market. This strategy involved creation of its own label such as Tesco Finest and F&F clothing. This indicated delivery products that were of high quality and that also at the most reasonable price. The third part of the strategy is to develop itself as an outstanding retailer both in stores as well as in online. The

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