Friday, November 8, 2019

Abortion Pro-Choice essays

Abortion Pro-Choice essays Abortion has been called one of Americas longest running arguments, the issue that wont go away. I chose to write on abortion because I am a firm supporter of the pro-choice movement. While I personally havent been through it, I have helped to finance some of my friends. I believe in a womans right to freedom of choice. I am strongly against the harsh acts that the pro-life activists have taken against doctors and associates of abortion clinics. I also see no purpose in repealing the anti partial-birth abortion bill that President Clinton previously vetoed. Many States such as Texas, who first enacted their anti-abortion laws in 1854, have repeatedly denied abortions to pregnant woman unless there are health risks involved. However, there have been some exceptions such as the Roe vs. Wade trial. The case was instituted in 1970 by Jane Roe, who sought judgment on her case against the District Attorney. She claimed that the abortion statutes were unconstitutional...and they abridged her rights of personal privacy. She sued on the grounds of infringement on those rights promised to her by the First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments. And why shouldnt the rights of this woman be protected? Most judges have said that the court will only protect the rights of a persons privacy to a certain extent. At some point the states interests as to the protection of the...prenatal life become dominant. Others have argued that the word person as defined in Section I of the Fourteenth Amendment doesnt include the unborn. There are many supporters of the pro-choice movement. The NCAP (National Coalition for Abortion Providers) is just one group of the abortion promoters that have banned together for the rights of American women. This organization was created by people ...

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