Wednesday, November 20, 2019

C.S.I. Movie Analysis and Review of Episode 321 FOREVER Essay

C.S.I. Movie Analysis and Review of Episode 321 FOREVER - Essay Example The episode is about a horse that stomps her trainer to death aboard a luxurious personal jet. This horse is then quarantined by a vetenary officer after the jet landed. Things become suspicious when the horse suddenly dies and the vetenary officer disappears (CSI Ep 21.). Conversely, another incident happens where two teenagers have been alleged to commit suicide and their bodies found in the middle of the desert. Detectives from CSI look at this cases separately to determine the truth behind them. The trampling death of the horse trainer is investigated by Grissom, Nick and Catherine. Warrick and Sara look into the two teenagers (Romeo and Juliet) scenario in the desert. Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) is an American crime and drama television series that premiered in 2000. This series follows The Las Vegas Criminalists in which the analysts use the physical evidence to solve murder cases in this unusual graphic drama. CSI has been acknowledged as the most popular dramatic series a nd has been awarded International Television Audience by CBS. It has also been awarded the Best Television Drama Series for the last three years. Most of the episodes in this television series deal with a team of forensic investigators who are trained to solve crimes based on the evidence that has been collected. They are specialized in collecting irrefutable evidence and find the missing pieces of the puzzle to unravel the mystery behind every case. A murder aboard in a deluxe 747 personal jet and the discovery of two formally attired teens found in the desert confound the chief analyst Grissom and his crew in this absorbing episode of CSI. First, a horse trainer is found dead inside the cargo bay of a privately own jet that is carrying 12 well –heeled passengers and a horse worth millions (CSI Ep 21.). At first, it appears that the victim was trampled to death; however Grissom and Catherine uncover evidence that suggest foul play. In a separate incidence, In Hell’s G ate section of Death Valley, CSI analysts Warrick and Sara probe the alleged suicide of a 15 year old boy whose body is found under a bed spread. This investigation becomes more intensified when a girl’s body is discovered half a mile away. This is one of the most memorable episodes in this series; it is not only well written but cleverly plotted. In the first case, Grissom and Catherine are in the quest to determine the cause of death of the horse trainer and the horse itself. Both of them go to the airport to gather pieces of evidence. They found some abnormalities inside the plane that insight them to carry out further investigations (CSI Ep 21.). When the horse dies, after it contracts uterine infection, they take it to the lab to determine the cause. After they perform an autopsy on the horse, they find diamonds inside the uterus. The crew on the plane orchestrated the death of the horse trainer to smuggle the diamonds inside the horse. Grissom says â€Å"uncut diamonds ? The horse is a â€Å"mule†. The horse trainer discovered the abnormalities in the horse and when he tried to help the horse, it stamped on him causing his demise. But, this was not the real story, the vet that was waiting for the horse at the airport knew about the diamonds. The killed the horse trainer because he was going to blow their cover and the diamonds could have been discovered. In the second scenario, a boy is found dead at the dead valley. It is a strange scenario to find a boy dressed in a suit who

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