Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Sex Tourism on the Kenyan Coast Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Sex Tourism on the Kenyan Coast - Essay Example The researches carried out on Sex Tourism makes us familiar with the roles of both sexes as sex workers and the tourists. Homosexuality which still has not been widely accepted in majority of the countries also is a part of it. We are also briefed about the rise of various products which is mainly due to sex tourism and also the various parts of the world where this practice is very active namely the events performed by the gays’ in places like San Francisco in the USA and in Sydney which is in Australia. The various aspects of human nature are also dealt with. The dark sides of our society like Child Prostitution, homo sexuality, and sexual exploitation of slaves as well as concepts like mail order brides are the most common subjects which are brought to the fore through the surveys carried out. The concept of sex tourism has been a matter of great interest and as a result more improved kind of surveys has been thought of to make us more familiar with this curse that is sprea ding at a rapid pace in the whole World. The modern authors have promoted new models to exploit the spread of sex tourism. Researches carried out on sex tourism and their results serve as a very good guideline for those who are in a way related with this issue such as the people who work in the tourism sector, students who are engaged in studies related to gender as well as the society. It also serves as a great medium for those who are involved in studies related to Woman. (Ryan, and Michael, 2001)

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