Sunday, September 8, 2019

ETHICS (PLATO) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

ETHICS (PLATO) - Assignment Example In this sense, Plato believed that circles would still exist even if mathematics did not help us draw them. Plato believes that there is an inherent and unseen world where truth, justice, and beauty are eternal and non-altering. In this view, Plato gives credence to the concept of an ideal world just as Christianity proposes heaven. In the idea of heaven, Christianity asserts that people can perfect their behavior by emulating Christ thereby earning the privilege of staying in heaven. Heaven is an ideal place whereby there is eternal happiness and no injustice to individual. Individuals, therefore, exist in an uninterrupted harmony. Although this ideal contains some deal of similarity with Plato’s ideas, it differs in the sense that it does adequately endorse thinking. Plato believes that the mind is the only way of reaching the ideal world. This theory correlates the theory of forms that postulate a dual word. This suggests two levels of knowledge and two levels of reality. Plato defines a form as an abstract quality or property. For instance, when a person removes the property of an object, such as color, from the object, then the color becomes a form of an object. For instance, when a person separates the red color of a tomato from the tomato, the red color is perceived as a form. The existence of such a quality, the form, is independent of the existence of any object. In turn, objects copy the existence of forms. For example, a tomato copies the form of redness. It is essential to highlight the properties of forms in order to adequately understand their relevance in truth and justice. To begin with, forms are transcendent because they do not occur in space and time. In addition, a form is a pure property, which is separated from other qualities. In this sense, a form has an independent existence that does not rely o n the existence of other forms nor objects. On the other hand, a material and observable object is a combination of forms.

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