Monday, September 9, 2019

Corporate Criminals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Corporate Criminals - Essay Example The problem is that the justice system is terribly unfair from the beginning. The reason people get upset about corporate executives is because they are always associated with lots of money. This makes the American public angry because someone without money cannot have the same privilege as someone who is wealthy. According to Cray, these corporate executives have partnerships with the department of Justice that says they will not be prosecuted as long as they say who started the process inside the corporation. This creates a very sneaky way for executives to side step their own issues. It is important to note that some corporate executives are prosecuted more than others. As an example, Martha Stewart went to jail for her insider training deals. She was a celebrity and many people took issue with her because she was wealthy and white. She served her time, helped the female inmates by writing a book for them and came out of it unscathed by most peoples standards. However, somewhere in the soul of Martha she had to deal with people physically hurting her and she had to deal with being behind bars for a period of time. She spent the time and saw what it was like and perhaps has learned her lesson. This is supposedly what our justice system is supposed to do and in my opinion, it does not matter how long a person spends in prison; it matters that they learn from their

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