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To my dearest friend Maria Essay Example

To my dearest friend Maria Essay Example To my dearest friend Maria Essay To my dearest friend Maria Essay You, out of everyone in my family, are the only one who smiles upon me as I fall down this endless spiral of darkness. Life for me, in these past few weeks, has been like god has turned away from me and the devil himself has smiled upon me. For you as innocent as you are in my affairs need to know the background of which my fears have sprung from.My affairs, before they became the endless source of my tears each night where in order. And, I, being the dutiful daughter, I had obeyed my parents every wish. I, as you know I am sure, are not yet of the age of fourteen and had not thought of marriage. And when my mother had suggested such a thing, I welcomed the thought and answered it is an honour I never dreamd of (Act 1 scene 3 Line 66), she suggested the thought of marriage because she had received news that Count Paris has asked for my hand, and I being the dutiful daughter I did not refuse the thought.Later that evening, the Capulet household had a ball, where a meeting between myse lf and Paris had been arranged to my mothers great delight. The ball, was the same as every other, masks, meeting people and dancing. I met Paris for the first time at the ball, he was quite agreeable, I dare say desirable young, good looking and a gentlemen. However I have no feelings for him because I met on that same night, my Romeo. Oh Maria my meeting with Romeo was like the angels that watch over us all, had taken my heart and lifted it high above the clouds. When, at the ball, I had my precious moment with Romeo, there is one thing I will always remember him sayingThen move not,while my lips, by thine,my sin is purgd.(Act I Scene 5 Line 105 106)and after our holy kiss i was called away by my mother and then found out my Romeo, the Romeo i kissed was non-other than Romeo Montague! my love sprung from only hate (Act 1 Scene5 Line137).Later after the Capulet Ball, and all the household was still and all the household was still, i stepped out onto my balcony and started thinking out loud, thinking that about how, out of all the men in Vernona, at the Capulet ball, out of all the guests, the one who my heart does beat strongly for ended up being the spawn of my fathers worst enemy. And all through my private console, Romeo was there listening to what i was saying however he did not speak until i had questioned myself about his name, i had said,So Romeo would,were he not calld,Reatain that dear perfection that he oweswithout that title.(Act 2 Scene2 Lines 45 47)and ended my thoughts with wishes that he would disown his name to this he answered call me but love, and Ill be baptisd, henceforth never will be Romeo (Act 2 Scene 2 Lines 50 51). From that moment on we talked and the arrangements for our marriage were done, i was to send my faithful nurse to find Romeo and she was to finalise our arrangements.That morning, when the clock struck the hour of nine, i sent my nurse to find Romeo and to give him a message. When after what seemed an endless wait for my nurse to return, she, after much pleading from myself announced that Romeo had said for her to tell me, Come to shrift this afternoon,And there she shall at Frair Laurences cell,Be shrivd and Married.(Act 2 Scene4 Lines 176 178)Oh Maria, and he, my Romeo, was true to his word and we were wed that afternoon! My marriage was private, i, that afternoon had permission to go shrift were Romeo had arranged for us to be wed. It was witnessed by my faithful Nurse, the good Frair and the alter boys. I wish you could have been present but as you can probably tell it was very sudden and secretive.The events which followed is where my perfect dream of life turns into a nightmare, from what Im aware of after our marriage, i returned to the Capulet household and Romeo went to meet Benvolio and Mercutio however when he arrived, my kinsmen Tybalt was there, to fight him and according to my servants Mercution was killed by Tybalt because Romeo had refused to fight so Mercutio fought for him howeve r after the loss of his best friend, Romeo lost his head and went after Tybalt. Tybalt was then slain by Romeo. And my Romeo, grief stricken, was banished forever from Sweet Verona. When i heard this news, i felt as if my heart had been torn into two pieces one bleeding with grief for my dead kinsmen and the other for my husband Romeo and the thought of never seeing him again. The thought that was floating in mind the most wasTybalt dead? My dearest Cousin and My dearer Lord?Then Dreadful trumpet sound the general doom!(Act 3 Scene 2 Line 66 67)i sill loved Romeo but i morned for my kinsmens death, torn between my familys grief and my love for Romeo, i cried and had no reassurance until my wedding night.On my wedding night, Romeo, though he should not have been there, was in my chamber and we consumated our marriage and when the morn did arrive, my heart broke as my Romeo said Farewell, farewell! One kiss and Ill descend (act 3 Scene5 Line 42). When Romeo took his last kiss and des cended down my balcony, to leave it felt as my heart was not longer working and the only way it would have worked again was if my dearest Romeo stayed. But i knew that would not be possible.If losing my Romeo wasnt enough as soon as dear husband had descended down my balcony, my Mother entered my chamber and amongst our console she announce that my father had arranged for me to marry Paris, however when i stood up to the thought and claimed i was against it my father said,Is she not proud?Doth she not count her blessd, Unworthy as she is,that we have wrought so worthy a gentlemen to be her bride?(Act 3 Scene 5 Line 143 145)and when i answeredNot proud you have;But thankful that you have, Proud i can never be of what i hate;But thankful even for hate that is meant love(Act 3 Scene 5 Lines 143 145)my father got extremely hot with me and almost at once said that if i did not attend Saint Peters church with Paris, he would drag me there or he would disown me! And when i asked the advi ce of my Nurse her reply was one i would not have expected to hear, she said amongst other things that Romeo was banished so he could not come back to Fair Verona to challenge me for marrying Paris and that she thought it would be best if i did marry him!After what seemed like hours of grief and reflection on the thoughts of marrying Paris when i was already married to Romeo who i love with all my heart, i decided to seek the advice of Frair Laurences cell to find Paris talking to the Frair Laurence about the wedding.When i entered the conversation between Paris and the Friar stopped and Paris turned to talk to me, i answered and talked to him politely because i have nothing against Paris. Whe Paris left i was able to talk to the Frair, we talked about how i was going to not marry Paris, i, on the night before the wedding i was to take a sleeping potion so that i would fall into a deep sleep, so it seemed i was dead, then the good Frair would send word to my Romeo so that when i awa ke he would be there to take me away with him!So now you know all my affairs which have made me fall down the endless spiral of darkness that Im am in. Maria it is the night before my wedding to Paris in a few minutes i will take the sleeping potion, and soon i will be with my Romeo, i have given the Frair instructions that if something may happen to deliver this letter with a note saying something has happened, but lets us pray that something will not!

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