Monday, February 24, 2020

Retail management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Retail management - Research Paper Example The proponent of the concept allege that driving to work is a result of poor city planning owing to the cost and environmental implications of the practice. As a social concept, neotraditionalism influences enhances social interaction as people ride in buses or walk to work instead of driving themselves in private cars. In New York for example, the number of people walking or riding bicycles to work is still low but the trend has taken effect in most of the European countries and is slowing infiltrating the American society. Most people in the city prefer riding in buses or trains to work both of which are features of the concept. At least three of every five American uses a public means of transport to work. One in every of the five either walks or rides a bicycle to work while the remaining one in every five American drives to work. The statistical representation implies that whether knowingly or unknowingly, the American population exhibits features that portray their preference of the features of neotraditionaalism. The use of public transport either to or from work implies that human population within the city is predictable at various times of the day. Such times are either evening or mornings when the people rush either to or from work. Walking or riding on bicycles to work on the other hand depends on the distance to an individual’s office. When purchasing a residential property, most urban residents consider the distance to their places of work. This results in most people preferring flats closer to their offices in order to enable the either walk or cycle to work. Walking or cycling is a lifestyle feature that encourages healthy living thus the increasing demand to such features. Furthermore, a closer proximity to the place of work is a cost effective way of accessing the lace of work owing to the minimal cost implications. Observing such a pattern should

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