Friday, August 23, 2019

Imagine you are an OD Consultant and need to investigate the working Essay

Imagine you are an OD Consultant and need to investigate the working climate within a hospital. What diagnostic methods of data collection would you use Explain details giving reasons for your answer - Essay Example Moreover, as an organization development practitioner, one is required to be a little bit more sensitive and keen on how they handle and interact with the different groups of staff in the different departments in the hospital hence a lot of knowledge is required in such a situation. The first step would be to collect information on the current working condition which would be either using questionnaires that would be handed out to the staff and also a number of patients, or sampling where the organization development practitioner would interview a number of the staff and patients too. Using the questionnaires alone might have a number of limitations since the staff and patients are limited to the amount of information they give out, so it would be advisable to use both the questionnaires and interviewing (random sampling). Considerably, after collecting data, analysis will follow, which is a major process that requires a lot of focus so as to avoid missing out on the little but significant details that would act as a barrier to development. In any working hospital, they are various groups of staff; for instance, there are those that work during the day and others throughout the night, there are those in charge of the cleaning/ hygiene and those that conduct medical operations that might involve prescribing medication etc. Reflectively, with the different clusters the barriers of development may originate from the top level management or the middle level management and hence it is essential that the OD practitioner be alert and keen to figure out the source of the hospital’s problems. Normally, what should follow after this is feeding back data to the management first and then later on enlighten the staff with the findings; however, this is said to be the hardest part of the whole process since it might involve implementation of new ideas or even changing of the already existing ones. All the same, before

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