Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Assessing and Planning Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Assessing and Planning Skills - Essay Example Clinical supervision is used to assist the teacher provide good services to students by learning from the supervisor’s experiences. Also, it provides the link between administration and the staff by monitoring the extent of compliance with policies, goals and procedures set out by the administration (Shohet, (2001). Peer coaching is a technique that combines coaching and peer to peer skill sharing. The participants can share experiences in their work and also teach other vital professional practices. They work together to evaluate practices, develop new skills together, share ideas and develop strategies for the classroom. One type of peer coaching involves only a few teachers working around observations in teaching. Peer coaching might involve teachers planning and implementing a curriculum together to test for new approaches to teaching. Also, it may be used to conduct research by the formulation of hypothesis about classroom behaviours and teachers testing these hypotheses (Aly, 2013). The major strength of the clinical supervision model is its ability to promote staff retention as it improves performance delivery. So as to attain this, the model requires a healthy and productive relationship between the teacher and a supervisor that is knowledgeable and can objectively analyse strategies (Evans, 2000). The teacher should have a mentality of accepting direction and correction. For the model to be effective, the supervisor needs to have a strong rapport with the teacher so that he could constructively criticise the teacher, and the teacher can open up. In such an environment, the teacher can learn a set of new skills from the experience of the supervisor and air out their concerns. However, the reliance on a good rapport for the model to be effective is its major drawback. In some instances, the teacher might be resistant to the supervisor’s authority and resist any feedback

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